New look. Light and fruity for 2009

With emphasis on the fruity. I'm not even sure if I like this look, but I wanted something new for the new year. I tried some of the layouts that push the text to the right and the links to the left, but since I read from right to left, I kept … [Read more...]

Back to Work

I had a week. I took naps. I made twice-baked low-carb yams. I completed some assignments. I sorted socks. Now I'm back working again--full-time. I received the message a week after I had allowed my contract to expire and am back working magic … [Read more...]


That my friends is all of the caffeinated products I have consumed so far this morning in the effort to bring you low-carb caffeinated goodness I've had over 60 ounces so far of caffeinated products but it's maybe more like over 80 because I forgot … [Read more...]

Ask me what I'm doing tonight

Oh, you probably think it's something in the kitchen, right? Dangit! You guys are too smart (foiled again).I have some more Thanksgiving recipes ready to go and will be sharing with those with you in the next couple weeks! I am working desserts … [Read more...]

Monday hoorays for nothingness

I am no longer working full-time! *does touch down dance*I am going to spend my entire day doing the following:1. I am going to clean my kitchen and not clean it in the usual flurry of 'grab a minute to do this'2. I am going to wash laundry. And … [Read more...]

Thursday deep thinks

Good morning happy shiny people who have not been eaten by Zombies or have had the life sucked from you by teenagers (slurp slurp).I am really tired this week, and am totallah rethinking what I'm going to be doing in the coming months. Following is a … [Read more...]

Cookbook winner! YAY!

The winner of the Jennifer Eloff cookbook is...Jessica C! I am going to mail that out to you this week!Thanks so much for entering everyone! I appreciate it! I am such a bum these days. I'm on the verge of tears right now because I am doing too much … [Read more...]

Steviva Fan Share: Winners

It was an exciting contest to run, giving sweetness to sweet people--and Steviva came to the table with our most valuable fan share yet! … [Read more...]

I totally forgot! Look! Pretty leaves

There are days when I wonder if my head is even attached. I promised a cook book giveaway! To enter the drawing for Jennifer Eloff's amazing Dessert Cookbook, please email CONTEST HAS ENDED and put this in your title: "Jennifer Eloff giveaway" … [Read more...]

Welcome to my anticipatory heck

But more on that soon.* Time goes by too too fast. I have been so busy, I never told you I launched an initiative! 100 recipes in 100 days. 100 Recipes in 100 Days That's right! On my very hip column I am sharing some … [Read more...]

You need to begin again? Come on back!

Why is it so hard to just start over?I really believe it is hard to jump back on the horse because the brain loves the chemical highs it gets from those influxes of carbs. Carbohydrates are so like a drug in many ways.I know that, like a friend of … [Read more...]

Is it worth it to keep trying?

Sometimes I get a great question from a frustrated friend. "Is low-carbing worth it? Should I try again?" It is definitely worth it to try again! Anything worthwhile in your life is worth fighting for, no matter how many times you have to begin anew. … [Read more...]

Talk Like a Pirate Day! Arrrr! Contest for ye landlubbers!

Source Ahoy, ye low-carb land lubbers! Today be Talk Like a Pirate Day! Check my recipes page for Dill Pickle Planks! Pirate Speak Translator Caption Contest In yer best Pirate Speak, caption the picture above. The best, wittiest, … [Read more...]

Our Official Low-Carb Mascot– meet Maynard

Maynard wants a smooch. He's a low-carber, too, you know. Venus fly traps are plants which thrive on the proteins of living insects like flies and ants. They do not fare well with hamburger, jerky or even low-carb cauliflower pizza. (I know. … [Read more...]

Winner of the Splendid Low-Carbing Cookbook is…

With nimble fingers, drawn from hundreds of the most attractive people I've ever met... Sonya, congratulations! I will mail the cook book this weekend to you. Thank you all so much for entering. Stay tuned for another giveaway (next Friday. … [Read more...]