New giveaway– Splendid Low-Carbing: A Complete Guide for Low-Carb Living

As a sneak peek/teaser for the next week, I am beginning a new giveaway immediately. You can enter to win this wonderful book by National Best-selling author Jennifer Eloff. Stay tuned for the review of this terrific low-carb cook book and … [Read more...]

Netrition Winner! Woohoo!

Out of hundreds of names, yours was picked by nimble teen fingers. I will mail the gift certificate right out to you. Thanks so much for entering! … [Read more...]

Monday Funday!

Tiny Tim no MoI can now walk without crutches. What a concept! I no longer have to say things in a falsetto voice, like, "God Bless Us. Eeeeveryoooone!" My husband is just glad I stopped riding around on his shoulder. I looked like the world's … [Read more...]

Am still crippled but I love a netrition giveaway!

These sexy, swollen feet shop at So I might be a wobbling bobblehead, but I can still give cool stuff away. Complements of Tom at my favorite online low-carb store EVAH, you can win a $25 gift certificate to … [Read more...]

Queso Cheese Sauce

Pictured: Chili cheese tots Queso cheese sauce is a pretty wonderful, simple recipe. A little bit of salsa mixed with an already low carb cheese sauce makes the perfect addition to everything, from stuffed chicken to these chili cheese tots. … [Read more...]

So I fell in this hole…

Hunky hubby found me in the field an hour ago near the house. I was able to avoid the first hole, but I heard two snaps and then I landed on my back. I sprained both ankles pretty badly.Needless to say, Ow, ow ow ow and wow that smarts. I am thankful … [Read more...]

Tile Smile Giveaway Winners

Woohoo! Congratulations to our winners! Today, the nimble fingers of a teenage rock star picked these five. You guys turned out in great numbers to save a hamster. For this, I applaud you. Winners will be contacted and set up with the tile … [Read more...]

Get a job…

Well, I didn't get a haircut but I have a job (as of yesterday) working locally for a company doing administrative assistant work. I am pretty excited about it, but it will limit my blogging and columning time to a degree.Welcome to the corporate … [Read more...]

Friday Giveaway! A little tile to make you smile

Designs by Appletree delights in keeping people on their proverbial toes. Using reclaimed Scrabble tiles and sealed with acrylic, a sense of humor and a flair for fun, designs run as wild only as Kimberly's imagination (or yours, since she can … [Read more...]

Want to see my racks?

You sickos! What did you think I meant? This just goes to show that I shouldn't send out these blog entries in full form in emails. You guys would think I'd totally gone off my nut. What a lark that would be! Friends have asked to see my … [Read more...]

Paging Jan J!! and other stuff…

When good mail clerks go bad Jan. Guess what! That cook book I sent to you is somewhere in the small intestines of Augusta, Georgia. It's never a good sign when the USPS sends an envelope containing the empty envelope I sent a week before with … [Read more...]

Stevia-sweetened Zevia rocks my low-carb socks

I just had the opportunity to review Zevia for the National column, and let me tell you what: this was good stuff.Forget what you thought you knew about diet sodas. If you're used to regular, high-carb beverages, or Diet Coke and other … [Read more...]

Oh it is SO good to be back.

I was in Neah Bay, Washington, where the Makah Indians live. They are a great people, and I had a fantastic time meeting folks and learning more about their culture. We even were allowed to dance one song with them. It was a pretty good workout and … [Read more...]

On Vacation

Judging from my lack of editing skills in the last blog title entry (and my stress levels), I need a vacation. I'm going to my own cue and go see some stuff. Tall stuff, short stuff, new stuff and old stuff (not you, pepaw and grammaw).Be good!The … [Read more...]

Diabetes Cook Book Winners!

The name-drawing offices of randomness, after carefully cutting the many wonderful and more sexy-than-average names of the entrants, have chosen the following readers from the mixing bowl of glossy shininess. Elaina O., Kathymath63, and Jan … [Read more...]