An Anxious Moment

I ended up in the urgent care facility of the hospital today with chest pain, tingling, all of the classic symptoms of what seemed to be a heart attack. Talk about not cool. I hadn't been that concerned since the Sea Hawks lost the Super Bowl to the … [Read more...]

Well, Slap my low-carb Buttermilk Biscuits!

I just found out quite by accident (I'm not very technological, unless it has to do with shoes, and those don't usually blink 12:00) that I'm listed on a list. That's right! A list! Sir Jimmy Moore has come out with his annual 'Bazillion Blogs to … [Read more...]

Kimkins and the Petition

There has been a lot of controversy over the Kimkins Diet plan, a plan which many, including yours truly, believes is a dangerous VLCD being marketed to a get-thin-fast mentality of people. I am going to also state that while more people don't know … [Read more...]

Feeling Groovy

I thought it was the rousing game of Apples to Apples. Slapping down those cards with aplomb and yelling that, indeed, there is nothing more unloving than an octopus was, in my opinion, an exciting event of grand proportions. Or maybe it was the … [Read more...]

Looking at a weight loss plan? Look for the three S'

Three things to ask yourself when you’re looking at a weight loss plan are: Is it sane? Is it safe? Is it sustainable? If a plan is ‘sane’, we know you’re not going to be told to go on an all-pea plan, or a plan which is going to make your body … [Read more...]

Why don't you eat normally?

There is a grand assumption on the part of many who don't understand the low-carb lifestyle that we don't eat normally. One mention of "Atkins" and folks picture Michael Moore bathing in a vat of bacon grease, scrubbing under his armpits with a big … [Read more...]

Guerilla cooking: I'd Swoon, but I'd Leave a Crater

Eating a low-carbohydrate diet is a lot of work, and especially when you have children. You can't eat your kids, so you have to learn to cope with them. In the interrim, while you're making changes to your lifestyle, you find you're trying to hide … [Read more...]

Et tu, Weekend?

Weekends are tough for a lot people. You find that the usual schedules no longer apply. Your house might be filled with more stressors. There are tasks to be completed, extra people to feed more meals to, and on top of your busy work week, you find … [Read more...]

Take a New Look at Monday for Weighing In

I am currently running a mid-year resolution challenge at a board called, and one of the mandates I have always made when running a challenge is this: Always weigh in on a Monday. I hear the collective groans every time this is … [Read more...]

I never thought I would see the day!

Friday is here. At last! I really earned this Friday, too! School is beginning soon, and no doubt you are out and about getting ready for fall, if you have kids going back to the educational institution of your choice. Or, perhaps you are the one … [Read more...]

Looking for ways to eat fresh? Try your local farmer's market!

Farmer's Markets are not only a wonderful way to find fresh produce, but meeting with local growers and supporting their business is a three-way ticket to success! In our daily lives, there is hardly time to grow vegetables in our yards. I know I … [Read more...]

When the honeymoon is over on your weight loss plan

Starting is tough enough. Starting over is harder still. Continuing? Sometimes harder than both starting or rededicating. The honeymoon from the excitement of discovering something new is over. The initial excitement of the first few pounds that … [Read more...]

10 things to think about if you've fallen off the wagon

It may have happened. One fell swoop and the next thing you know, you've fallen off of the wagon and into a vat of puddings. You felt guilt, you are now mourning your perfect dieting run, cheat-free up until this moment. You later realize you didn't … [Read more...]

Getting real with yourself could be your ticket to success this time around

Are you a perfectionist? You know, I've always been a perfectionist. I'm the person who always strove hard and beat myself up if I didn't achieve what I was going for. It's killed me all this time. I'm never good enough. Never helpful enough. Never … [Read more...]

How do I love Low-carb? Let me count my awkward social moments

The low-carbohydrate way of eating has been an absolute boon to me, if not to trucks carrying delicious pre-wrapped snack cakes. No other way of eating has kept me from chasing Little Hostess trucks down the street while trying to gnaw the tires. … [Read more...]