Albertson's Fan Share Winners

Thank you so much for entering to win one of two $25 Albertson's Gift Cards!The winners are... *drumming on my knee for effect*Carole and Lydia!I have sent you emails with instructions. Congratulations, ladies.Nosh on in health! … [Read more...]

Soy Candle Fan Share Winner!

Congratulations to Tiffany! Your candle will ship shortly and burn longly (I bought two and have been smelling the heck out of them ever since they arrived). Thank you, again, to Folksy Art Candles for  your generosity! … [Read more...]

Product Review: Folksy Art Soy Candles

With so many people averse to soy products due to food intolerances (soy ranks up there as one of the top 8 food allergy offenders), there's generally concern when anything soy-based enters into the home, especially in a food container. Enter … [Read more...]

Fan Share: Flatout Package Giveaway Winners

You wanted in on the nompf nompfiness and submitted some pretty fun responses to the entry. First things first. The winners! *drumroll*Congratulations to Claudine and Glory! Your addresses are being sent to the FlatOut office and your care packages … [Read more...]

CONTEST CLOSED: Fan Share: FlatOut Wrap Care Packages!

Featured Flat Out Recipe: Stuffed Pizza Loaf Please don't enter; this contest is now closed and items are in the process of being shipped. Thanks so much for entering and for your support. From, the mama who proudly wears combat boots because … [Read more...]

Fan Share: Laura's Lean Ground Beef Giveaway Winners

Another great way to use Laura's Lean Ground Beef: Mexican spaghetti squash bake. Congratulations to Victoria, June, Brenda and Maria! For your privacy: As I stated earlier, as always, I have deleted every email that wasn't a winner (I never open … [Read more...]

CONTEST CLOSED: Laura’s Lean Ground Beef Giveaway!

Laura's travels to school in mini tacos Please don't enter; this contest is now closed and items have been shipped. Thanks so much! From, The very cool person who runs this site. Me. Don't look at me that way. Laura's Lean Ground Beef is one of … [Read more...]

CONTEST CLOSED: Fan share for October 11, 2010

Sweet Fan share! Please don't enter; this contest is now closed and items have been shipped. Thanks so much! The Management. OK. Well, me.The sweet hotties at Steviva Brands have sent me literally pounds of their product (you should have had to lift … [Read more...]

Fan Share winner for September 13, 2010

The winner of an amazing 6 weeks of counseling with Misty Humphrey of Free Healthy Diet Plans is:Sue M! Congratulations, Sue! Instructions for claiming your prize are coming today. … [Read more...]

Contest Closed: Fan Share for September 8, 2010: Six week plan from Misty Humphrey!

The delicious and dainty darling of Free Healthy Diet Plans is offering six weeks of her services to a fan of Your Lighter Side! A $249 value, this plan and prize package includes:Diet Intake Evaluation & Recommendations 6 One Hour Phone Weight … [Read more...]

Cooks, Start Your Aprons and You Could Win $125,000

No, you don't need to rinse your eyes out with Jack Daniels. It's the Ides of March; Caesar's seen better days, and you can, too--especially if you can concoct the most creative recipe using Laura's Lean Ground Beef that The Good Housekeeping … [Read more...]

Parmesan Crisp Giveaway Winners

Tons of entries, but only four can win (how near-Highlander).Packages going out to:Amber I.Pam K.Bruce L.Clarity S.Thanks for entering... my readers are so cool, the climate is changing.All contact information has been permanently deleted from my … [Read more...]

Dr. Eades book winner

So many of you entered, but I could only pick one name. I wish I could send every one of you a book!Congratulations to S.J. of the great nation of TexasI will ship your book today!Thanks so much for entering everyone! My review of the Eades' book is … [Read more...]

Want to win a copy of the Eades’ latest book?

That's right!The name who made Protein Power a household way of life is about to release their latest book, The Six Week Cure for the Middle Aged Middle.Want to win a copy? Email with your name, address and "Eades me"! in the subject line. I will … [Read more...]

Book winner!

Wow!A lot of you entered, but only one can win.That's like a line from The Highlander. Only without the accent. And maybe a little less violent. Unless someone hits you with a book.The name of beautimousness was drawn from a bowl of names cut apart … [Read more...]