Contest Winners! Yay!

Your prizes are being mailed today and should arrive sometime this week!Congratulations to the following rockin' readers: Fathead winner: Nicole M.Good Calories, Bad Calories winner: Patti M.Fitness After 40 winner: Lydia R.Slow Burn winner: Marcia … [Read more...]

Flu is the WORST! So let’s Partah! CONTEST OVER. No more entries, please.

ZOMG people. 3 weeks.TWENTY ONE DAYS!That's why you haven't seen me anywhere. At all. I've been sucking down Nyquil and sleeping 16 hours a day.To celebrate not being dead, I'm going to be hosting a giveawaypalooza for you guys of all the stuff I … [Read more...]

Cookbook winner! YAY!

The winner of the Jennifer Eloff cookbook is...Jessica C! I am going to mail that out to you this week!Thanks so much for entering everyone! I appreciate it! I am such a bum these days. I'm on the verge of tears right now because I am doing too much … [Read more...]

Winner of the Splendid Low-Carbing Cookbook is…

With nimble fingers, drawn from hundreds of the most attractive people I've ever met... Sonya, congratulations! I will mail the cook book this weekend to you. Thank you all so much for entering. Stay tuned for another giveaway (next Friday. … [Read more...]

New giveaway– Splendid Low-Carbing: A Complete Guide for Low-Carb Living

As a sneak peek/teaser for the next week, I am beginning a new giveaway immediately. You can enter to win this wonderful book by National Best-selling author Jennifer Eloff. Stay tuned for the review of this terrific low-carb cook book and … [Read more...]

Netrition Winner! Woohoo!

Out of hundreds of names, yours was picked by nimble teen fingers. I will mail the gift certificate right out to you. Thanks so much for entering! … [Read more...]

Am still crippled but I love a netrition giveaway!

These sexy, swollen feet shop at So I might be a wobbling bobblehead, but I can still give cool stuff away. Complements of Tom at my favorite online low-carb store EVAH, you can win a $25 gift certificate to … [Read more...]

Tile Smile Giveaway Winners

Woohoo! Congratulations to our winners! Today, the nimble fingers of a teenage rock star picked these five. You guys turned out in great numbers to save a hamster. For this, I applaud you. Winners will be contacted and set up with the tile … [Read more...]

Friday Giveaway! A little tile to make you smile

Designs by Appletree delights in keeping people on their proverbial toes. Using reclaimed Scrabble tiles and sealed with acrylic, a sense of humor and a flair for fun, designs run as wild only as Kimberly's imagination (or yours, since she can … [Read more...]

Paging Jan J!! and other stuff…

When good mail clerks go bad Jan. Guess what! That cook book I sent to you is somewhere in the small intestines of Augusta, Georgia. It's never a good sign when the USPS sends an envelope containing the empty envelope I sent a week before with … [Read more...]

Stevia-sweetened Zevia rocks my low-carb socks

I just had the opportunity to review Zevia for the National column, and let me tell you what: this was good stuff.Forget what you thought you knew about diet sodas. If you're used to regular, high-carb beverages, or Diet Coke and other … [Read more...]

Diabetes Cook Book Winners!

The name-drawing offices of randomness, after carefully cutting the many wonderful and more sexy-than-average names of the entrants, have chosen the following readers from the mixing bowl of glossy shininess. Elaina O., Kathymath63, and Jan … [Read more...]

Cookbook Giveaway!

I just published a cook book review for those of you out there following a moderate-carb (or higher-carb) plan, or who follow the American Diabetic Diet exchanges as your lifestyle. Thanks to the readers who are so delicious they should be in a … [Read more...]

And the Winner of the Cook Book is…

Woohoo!Look for the email and check your spam filter. I might be there between ethnic porn and viagra.Thanks everyone for entering, and for the kind comments! I wish I could have given everyone a gift, but stay tuned! There will be more coming.Now … [Read more...]

Alas poor laptop…

Ever have one of those years when technology isn't amenable to your needs? After all, we invented it. Apparently, it doesn't feel the need to return the favor with actually working. My new laptop died yesterday after being in my possession for only 3 … [Read more...]