The benefits of pumpkin in low-carb

A pumpkin is a type of squash whose fruit arrives in the fall as opposed to the summer like zucchini. That’s why pumpkins are associated with fall holidays like Thanksgiving and Halloween. Interestingly, the ghoulishly grinning jack-o-lantern wasn’t … [Read more...]

Ooh La La Lavender Laundry Soap

I am going to make an admission: I have never made my own laundry soap. Like ever. Like never ever. … [Read more...]

Eggs are amazing. Here’s why

Humans have been eating eggs ever since they discovered that eggs were good and good for them. Then, maybe about 4,000 years ago, human beings began to domesticate wildfowl and eliminated the need to go out into the jungle and steal eggs from … [Read more...]

Vitamin C and health

Yes, we all know that Vitamin C is good for us. Even the junkiest junk food will sell when the advertiser claims that it has a molecule of Vitamin C in it. But why is Vitamin C so good for us? … [Read more...]

Five Spring-into-Beauty Tips

From cheerful water bottles to lavender lotion, spring offers plenty of ways to pamper yourself. Here are five simple ways to make this your best spring ever: … [Read more...]

Vitamin D

About Vitamin D Some people wonder if Vitamin D is a vitamin at all. That's because it’s a vitamin that the body manufactures naturally. Some people believe it’s simply another hormone or even a derivative of cholesterol. But for our purposes, … [Read more...]


Yes, raspberries come with tiny seeds that get stuck in your teeth, but as people say, with every benefit there comes a penalty. And raspberries have many more benefits than penalties. … [Read more...]

Making community count

  There's nothing like thoughtful, committed citizens working together to change the world, and no volunteering opportunity is too small. I love making a difference, whether it's locally with a bunch of fun kids and adults, or here, … [Read more...]

Daikon Radish

The Daikon Radish   The Daikon radish goes by a number of names depending on where it is being grown. The term "daikon" comes from the Japanese and literally means "large root." It is also called the Japanese radish, Chinese Radish and lo … [Read more...]

The treadmill desk and my new balance

I have a serious love affair with my treadmill desk. Having lost 100 pounds since the end of last August (7 months), I’m now trying to walk at least five times per week for an hour while working, to work those slow twitch muscles regularly. It's … [Read more...]

A brand new lease on Spring

With winter becoming a slow, distant, shivery memory, I'm ready to tackle some of my old obsessions and hobbies that have been (sadly) neglected for a while, like gardening and design (above). What hobbies will I re- indulge in this Spring? … [Read more...]

Healthy food, healthy body

    How can cooking healthy meals make me healthier? I can speak from experience: It's taken me from 90 pounds heavier in late August of 2012 to where I am now--a slimming, sassy work in progress. I love that I not only can share … [Read more...]

Vitamin A and healthy eating

Vitamin A is a not only a vitamin, but an important antioxidant. Fighting damage from free radicals, which are oxygen molecules with unpaired electrons (the molecules grab electrons from other molecules and damage them), Vitamin A is one tough cookie … [Read more...]

Swiss Chard

Swiss chard is probably the perfect vegetable for people who don’t want to mess around with spinach.  … [Read more...]

Beauty from the inside out

Mornings I'm usually scrambling more than my eggs. Four kids, a husband, a dog that thinks the neighborhood needs to be monitored, and a cat with an extreme case of ambivalence--it's a lot to manage. … [Read more...]