Just a reminder of all of the amazing things you can enjoy…

... with a lower glycemic/lower carb lifestyle. Welcome to 2011 and healthier choices! Check my recipes link up top for over 150 recipes, most of which are 5 carbs or less per serving, and thanks for your support. Together we change the world, … [Read more...]

Part two: Preparing for your wheat fast

Continued from Part One: Eradicating Wheat and Gluten You've grown up with wheat. It's part of everyday life. It's in everything. Unfortunately, it could also be the reason for the symptoms you're experiencing and possibly causing other health … [Read more...]

Eradicating wheat and gluten from your lifestyle: part one

Wheat is grass. From Wikipedia commons First, a quick quiz: Do you sneeze when you mow the lawn? Are you allergic to hay or straw? Do you feel lethargic after consuming any wheat product? Do you develop congestion, runny nose, a sore … [Read more...]

The stink eye, the plague, bacon, and my plan

Happy 2011! Work it! Oh yeah.Subscribers:Dagnabbit! on the insane script you've been receiving in emails for the first few lines. It's script from a couple of programs the blog runs. I've popped down the script (and disabled images inserted through … [Read more...]

Curb carb hangover

Chromium picolinate. Image via WikipediaIt's January first and you can barely pull yourself out of bed. You feel irritable, foggy, bloated. Your head hurts.No, you didn't take one too many trips to the boxed wine; you likely overindulged in … [Read more...]

Meatless Monday's Merciless Muscling

Team Bacon Meatless Monday. It's the phenomenon spreading across the blogosphere like Kim Kardashian in spanx on the red carpet. And it's now a global entity.The goal of their site? "To reduce meat consumption by 15% in order to improve personal … [Read more...]

Fear Factor: When losing it for vanity isn't enough

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