Happy Please Vote Friday (Day 148)

Good morning! First I am going to ask for you to please vote for me here: Skinny Scoop and here Leap Fitness. Thank you so so so much! It means so much to have your support! And, I also appreciate you sharing us with your friends on Pinterest, … [Read more...]

What’s the Day Again? (Day 147)

Time flies so quickly, doesn't it? … [Read more...]

Pants-free Tuesday? (Day 146)

I swear I just killed my back (though at this moment, I have muscle relaxants and I love them so hard, I am hugging them with my brains)! What is worse is that I know what caused my unfortunate back injury: Putting on my pants. No wonder Colt … [Read more...]

Snowy Monday Day 145

Happy New Week, with so many new possibilities. How are you doing? Did you make it through the weekend unscathed  Only partially scathed? Were you totally, heinously scathed? Remember, every minute is another minute to make new, better choices, so … [Read more...]

The granola moment (Day 141)

Is it finally Friday yet? … [Read more...]

They attacked my tongue and won (Day 140)

Hello, you sweet chickadees and most dapper chickadudes! I hope you're having the most amazing week ever. This is my puppy schlamuppy in the picture post-grooming. She says I Love You. And by I Love You she means, "Do you have a sandwich, and can … [Read more...]

Why I suck. Slightly

Hello, you adorbs peeps! First, I owe you an apology. … [Read more...]

First Weigh-in of 2013

Can you buttercup pixies believe I haven't weighed since last year? OK, OK. Old joke. I know another one, but the last time I told it, my mother-in-law cringed, so I won't tell it. I guess. … [Read more...]

Foot Cramps and Jackknives

Happy Happy Day in January! … [Read more...]

Thoughtful Thursday {Day 134}

It's smurficial: My exercise bike is off the market! I know you have questions. Why was it even on the market? What is this exercise bike of which you speak? You...exercise? … [Read more...]

Wonderful Wednesday {Day 133}

Hello, sweet speckled eggs of loveliness! (I posted a picture of eggs, left, but that was pure randomness. I wouldn't eat you or even make you into a casserole. That is my breakfast casserole made for the crock pot! Recipe here.) … [Read more...]

The Self-Love Sandwich (Day 132)

I am not typically a fan of New Year's Resolutions. … [Read more...]

Happy New Rear & last 2012 Weigh In (Day 131)

Happy New Rear! I hope 2013, for you, will be as positively tremendous and amazing as it can be. … [Read more...]

Almost the New Year (Day 128)

Ermagersh! It's almost THE DAY! The Day! … [Read more...]

New Years Eve Low-Carb Recipes (Day 127)

Whew! Holy smokes. I don't know about you guys, but this year has seriously flown by, hasn't it? … [Read more...]