Sept. 29-30 Menu and Events (Days 33&34)

Hello my cyber surfing bodacious bikini bunnies! Guess what: My site is now optimized for mobile browsers! Whether you use an iPad, an iPhone or other hand-held device, you can now read easier and enjoy everything Your Lighter Side has to offer. I … [Read more...]

A Quick Thought for Sassy Saturday

Don't use words like stalled or plateau. … [Read more...]

Sept. 27 Menu and Events (Day 32)

Hello my little princesses with colorful tutus and pointy toes! First, I want to tell you that I put together the Top 100 Must-Have Ingredients that I keep in my kitchen. Yay! … [Read more...]

Sept. 26 Menu and Events (Day 31)

Hello you chilled, cool hepcats! Are you preparing for fall and winter? Now is the time I am already focusing on swimsuit weather for next year. I plan to shed fat and get into a cute swimsuit if I have to duct tape myself into it. Come hummus or … [Read more...]

Sept. 22 -23 Menu and Events (Days 27-28)

Hello, pixie sprinkle fairies (unless you're a guy; then you're a manly man manny). Do you ever keep running to the store, and every single time you return home to realize you forgot the one thing you kept running to the store to buy? That is … [Read more...]

Sept. 21 Menu and Events (Day 26)

Hello you cheery cheeky bunnies! That adorable mascot is my child. Isn't she adorable? … [Read more...]

Sept. 20 Menu and Events (Day 25)

Hello my pretty-scented flower bouquets! Just a quick reminder because I love you more than the sunshine loves the bees:  ads on my site are not necessarily my viewpoints. I am so thankful to have an amazing advertising company working for me, … [Read more...]

Sept. 19 Menu and Events (Day 24)

Hello, my little beautiful Brussels Sprouts of happiness. Don't you love that cute Hello Bacon? My graphic design partner created it to put me out of my misery when I showed her my amateurish rendition in Paint. I have a mouse pad and a Tshirt, a … [Read more...]

Sept. 18 Menu and Events (Day 23)

Hello my little sweet nymph bunnies of love! I worked all day today, so this will be supremely short. Supremely short. … [Read more...]

Sept. 17 Menu and Events (Day 22)

I am using my new treadmill desk and I love it! … [Read more...]

Sept. 16 Menu and Events (Day 21)

Hi there, my sweet glittery butterfly kisses! I am so excited about all the things happening right now. … [Read more...]

Sept. 15 Menu and Events (Day 20)

Hi there, my sweet bunnies. … [Read more...]

Sept. 14 Menu and Events (Day 19)

Hi there! I have been asked lately me lately about fat bombs. Fat bombs are typically high-fat/moderate-protein desserts with little else to them in terms of carbohydrates. … [Read more...]

Sept. 13 Menu and Events (Day 18)

Whew, what a day! I have such a sense of accomplishment because I have worked really hard and have one my best to meet my deadline, and I'm nearly there. … [Read more...]

Sept. 12 Menu and Events (Day 17)

It is 2 am in the morning, and I'm wide awake. … [Read more...]