Low-Carb Mocha Truffles

I am a lover of beans. Well, coffee beans, to be sure. Green beans are great, too, but they don't throw my eyelids back and slap them in the face the way a delicious java bean can. Am I right? I am always looking out for new sweetener options, … [Read more...]

Easy Beef Gyros with Tzatziki

I love grass-fed beef. Always a regular buyer of Laura's Lean Beef (ground, grass-fed, 92%) for years, when the company asks for a review, I give it--gladly. In fact, this isn't my first waltz with Laura's Lean Ground Beef (read my review from 2010 … [Read more...]

Review: SeaBuck Wonders Natural Skincare Products

It had been years since I had put any thought or care into my skin beyond the typical soap-and-water routine. On the rare occasions I wear makeup (it's a semi-annual event), I wash my face more than others (dirt is an effective UV-blocker, right?). … [Read more...]

Making a Peep

I didn't, until recently, even know that Peeps were even available in a sugar-free form. Jamie, where have you been?! … [Read more...]

Wink Frozen Desserts: 4 improved fab flavors

Wink has done it again! On the verge of hitting even more stores, Gabe and the team have been hard at work dreaming up the most delectable flavors, textures, and behaviors consistent with a frozen dessert. … [Read more...]

Review: Turbana Plantain Chips

First, fact: Turbana Plantain Chips are like crack on crack with a side of delicious, want-to-roll-around-naked-in-it crack. I already see myself on street corners looking to score a few bags of these--and you almost have to for now, since they're … [Read more...]

Review: Wholesome Meal Snack Bites

Looking for a wonderful, tasty, tempting protein snack in bite-sized dollops of tube-filled fun? Packed with 4 grams of protein per delicious cookie bite, Wholesome Meal's Snack Bites are gluten-free, low-carb and made with organic and all-natural … [Read more...]

Review: Lil’ Shuga Organic Sweetener

I really like Stevia. In fact, I love the idea of Stevia as an all-natural sweetener so much that I even tried growing a Stevia plant in high-desert country at 5200 miles above sea level (lamentably, Stevia is a tropical plant. Sorry, Colorado). … [Read more...]

Review: Tropical Traditions Virgin Coconut Oil

I am more or less of a new-ish convert to the beauty, flavor, scent, and health properties of quality coconut oil. I say "quality" because I have had some pretty inedible coconut oils. I won't say the brand and coconut oil making don't matter. And … [Read more...]

Review: My Fitness Pal Tracking App

How can My Fitness Pal's tracking app for iPhone and Android help when it comes to keeping those important resolutions for health and fitness, especially in our busy lives? In a word: Simply. In a second: Intuitively. … [Read more...]

Review: Wild Planet Sardines & Wild Albacore

Just how earth-friendly and sustainable is Wild Planet Foods as a company? Greenpeace places these guys on top for Earth-friendly, sustainable Canadian Albacore. That's a pretty decent thumbs up. … [Read more...]

Review: thinkThin High-Protein Bars

Are you edging ever closer to your weight loss goals? Need a little incentive in the form of a fun protein bar in a bevy of flavor and texture options when you're on the road or faced with difficult options? If so, thinkThin might just be the … [Read more...]

Review: LC Foods Snack Packs & Mashed Potatoes

I really love seeing how Glen's company LC Foods has evolved over the years. His latest product offerings show how invested he is in helping those of us with gluten intolerance--and who also need to keep it ketogenic for health and weight loss. … [Read more...]

Review: I love Santa Barbara Chocolate Company

GMO-free, USDA Organic, Rainforest Alliance Certified and Gluten-Free, there's just a little something extra-special about chocolatiers with a passion for the environment that's so great, they're willing to sell many times their weight in chocolate, … [Read more...]

Yonanas! Not YoMama’s Ice Cream Maker

If you've been spying the swank little Yonanas Maker  taking the media world by storm and wondering (1) if it works, (2) if it fits into your whole-foods lifestyle, and (3) if is it affordable, the answer is a resounding yes, yes...and yes. … [Read more...]