It’s a wrap: Red Robin is friendly to low-carbers

More on top than even Ted Koppel's hair. source Thanks to Red Robin's customer service and efforts to please the segments of society who really want the burger and not the bun, there are more mouth-watering choices for low-carbers and the … [Read more...]

A Taste for Reading: The Healthy Carb Diabetes Cookbook: Favorite Foods to Fit Your Meal Plan

The bestselling authors of Healthy Calendar Diabetes Cooking again unite to bring a message to diabetics everywhere: The struggle isn’t in avoiding carbs altogether—it’s about eating the healthy ones. In their perfect pairing, Chef Jennifer Bucko, … [Read more...]

Carl’s Jr Low-carb breakfast option

Sure, you don't want to make a habit out of eating in restaurants, especially when most companies think that catering to gluten-free lifestyles means leaving out the 'glutes' (ah, those venerable little adipose cheeks), but when you find a business … [Read more...]

I LOVE this Taco Seasoning Mix

I'm usually on the go, and don't have a lot of time to mess with taco seasoning mixes. One thing I have noticed is how high in carbs the packet seasoning mixes are. Filled with sugars and other carby fillers, I can add even half of one of those … [Read more...]

Carl’s Jr Low-Carb Breakfast Bowl– I bought. I ate. I blogged.

There is more food in there than there appears to be. At 900 calories and 3 net carbs (5 total, 2 fiber), this is enough food for two meals. Of course, I was hongry and ate the entire thing. *dabbing my mouth daintily with the sleeve of my … [Read more...]

Product review: Sweetleaf Stevia

I was at Vitamin Cottage today (contrary to popular misconception, it is neither a cottage, nor is made from vitamins) because I wanted to score some righteous natural sweetener. I have been staring at my stevia plants for a few days now and want … [Read more...]

Product Review: Ice Shaver

Wal-Mart is already carrying their ice shavers, even here in Colorado where we're expecting snow tonight (heeeellloooooooo! I could just go outside and scoop the snow and add my own sweetener thankyewverymuch!)Nonetheless, I bought this baby last … [Read more...]