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Your Lighter Side Exclusive Links

Your Lighter Side on Facebook: The main stuff. 20,000ish friends.
Get Twitterpated: Little bits and bites. 817ish terrific tweetiepies.

Other Freaky Fab Sites

Weight of the Evidence. My friend Regina. Also deep thinker. 
Until the Fat Lady Sings
. My buddy in a cute viking hat.
Buttoni’s Cooking Site. Peggy = Perfection
Carb Tripper. Friend. Photographer. Funny gal.
I Breathe, I’m Hungry. I love some Mellissa deliciousness.
Eathropology. Adele Hite = gorgeous with brains
Dr. Richard David Feinman’s Blog. Works words. Science friend.
Fat Head . Funny. Self-deprecating. Documentarian elite.
Free Julie. Free Julie now!
Happy Texans. It’s so good to be happy.
Healthy Low Carb Living . My friend. Picture-clever. Baconista.
Mark’s Daily Apple. Girls want to touch his abs. Men want to have them.
Nutrition and Metabolism Society. Donate. Join. Support.

Please note that “The Lighter Side of Low Carb” and “Your Lighter Side” do not necessarily endorse or support the viewpoints held by site owners listed. Meant for informational or for entertainment purposes only, please consult your healing mage (level 37, + healing spells) for the ultimate advice in health and well being.

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