Awards and Kudos

Press and Awards

Your Lighter Side often receives the most generous compliments. Following are some honors we continue to receive. Thanks so much!

2013 Top 100 Mom Food Blogger, March 27, 2013

Featured Site, CD Kitchens, March 15, 2013.

Featured on Ladies’ Home Journal: Easy Salad Dressing Recipes, February 21, 2013.

Top Healthy Eating Blog
: Skinny Scoop, February 1, 2013.

Featured on Kids Food for a Super Bowl Party, January 30, 2013

Featured in Food & Nutrition MagazineCauliflower: A Versatile and Vitamin-Rich Vegetable Star, January 2, 2013

Featured on HuffPo Taste: Girl Scout Cookie Recipes, January 24, 2013.

Featured on Buzzfeed Food: Microwave Snacks You Can Cook in a Mug, January 8, 2013.

Best Diet and Nutrition Blog of 2012. FriendsEAT, January 2, 2013.

“Of our 200,000 publishers, you were one of top 25 food blogs we hand-selected to feature on Shareaholic’s newly-launched food channel.” —Shareaholic, November 7, 2012

Featured in the book Trim, Healthy Mama, pg. 268. October 2012  oopsie roll recipe and my cauliflower pizza crust.

Featured in the book Nourished by Judy Barnes Baker, pps 80-82. January 2012  oopsie roll and shortcake bases.

Featured in September 17th, 2012 Woman’s World Magazine, pg 18 as a favorite free recipe site.

A modification of my Original Cauliflower Pizza Crust appears on the Today Show, July, 9, 2012

Top 10 4th of July Food Shares, Shareaholic: Your Lighter Side has the best dessert options for those of us trying to get fit for the summer. Here is a sugar-free cheesecake recipe that makes me go weak in the knees–I love all the fresh fruit!” July 2012

Alumni of the Dreamfields Pasta Dream Team. 2012

First place in popular votes:’s Mom Food Blogger of the Year. June 2012, Top 100 by editor pick.

Featured on LifeStrength: 5 Carb-Free Meals, May 14, 2102

Foodista Featured Drink Blog, January 29, 2012.

Original “Foodie 100” member

Calorie says, “Eating low carb? You can still eat a terrific pizza crust with Your Lighter Side and Jamie’s Cauliflower Pizza Dough!

2012-Diet-and-Nutrition WinnerOrganic Authority
shares zucchini crust pizza with 4 Creative Ways to Eat Zucchini at Every Meal, August 2011

#1 on Jimmy Moore’s 50 Low Carb Paleo and Health Blogs for February 2011

Cauliflower pizza recipe featured on the  Dr. Oz show, November 2010.

“Jamie recently posted a week’s worth of Flatout recipes and we were delighted when she gave us the opportunity to share her Stuffed Pizza Loaf with Flatout Wraps recipe with all of you.”  FlatOut Wraps

“50 Best Blogs for South Beach Dieters, 2010: “Your Lighter Side: Learn how to cook and entertain using low-carb dishes with a little help from this blog. Recommended Posts: “Low-carb pizza dough (cauliflower)” and “Beef jerky recipes.””– Masters in Health Care

Your Lighter Side adores our over 17,000 friends on Facebook, over 5500 Pinterest buddies, our growing private support group and over 6,000,000 readers since 2007. Thanks so much for continuing to support healthy eating with a side of sass.

Reader Kudos

I love hearing from you. When you share your experiences, thoughts, and feedback, it really makes my day! Here are just a few of the terrific things you said:

“After a year of recipe research and learning to live a low carb diet, I just found your website. You’re amazing and one of my new favorite people. I’ve decided to control my blood sugar the best I am able with a low carb diet and your site is the best I’ve found so far. It addresses so many needs and can work for so many diet types. I’m also excited about sharing it with my mother who is gluten intolerant. You are a lifesaver. Thank you so much!”–Melanie

“YUM!!! I LOVED the texture, the chew and the actual crispiness of the crust [of the gluten-free deep-dish pizza]. Thank you! Husband agreed and promptly threw out a pizza delivery ad we’d just gotten in the mail.” — Alisa

“Your site is my go-to for meal ideas. And you’re super-entertaining as well.” –Cherie, Canada

 “After visiting your blog…I’m in heaven. I literally want to make EVERYTHING I’ve clicked on. I missed my comfort food, but it appears you’ve made it accessible again in a lower carb format. I love you. Seriously. No, I’m not kidding. I LOVE you. I never use these “contact me” things on websites, but you have given me the boost I need to continue with this way of life, and I thank you. Like…seriously. Did I mention I love you?  You’re my heroine!” –Sidney

“I haven’t stopped reading your blog, going back to July 2007 since I stumbled upon it. We could hardly get to sleep last night from the incredible enthusiasm you inspired in us. And I woke up, logged on and just kept reading. We take turns reading out loud to each other, laughing, laughing, loving your sense of humor, your turn of phrase and unique perspective.”–Lisa

But wait… there’s more


“Always helpful”

Jamie aka Carbarella “Your Lighter Side” – With her inventive recipes and infectious humor, Jamie is the lighthouse that guides me as I brave the rough waters of low carbing. Always helpful, always snarky — just the way I like my lighthouses to be. Thanks Jamie!”– Neesha, Low Carb Pinay


“side-splittingly funny”

“Meet Jamie of Horoscopically Blonde, our Mama Blogger of the Month! Jamie is a side-splittingly funny gal who is the blog diva of Join us for our hilarious interview with this verbose mama!”Denver Mile High Mamas, Mama Blogger of the Month


“makes dieting exciting”

“Jamie, over at Your Lighter Side, offers some great recipes for low carb living, kitchen tips and tricks, and some interesting takes on every day food -mini pizza pumpkins anyone? Jamie’s writing is quirky and fun; she engages her readers and makes dieting exciting. Her Facebook page is always active with others enjoying the low carb life.”Tina M. Zucker, Associated Content


“the perfect ambassador”

“Jamie Van Eaton is the perfect ambassador for low-carb because she’s smart, funny as all get out, writes better than most people I know, and is a fervent supporter of this way of eating we all love and appreciate.”Jimmy Moore, Livin La Vida LowCarb




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