Sugar-Free Hot Cocoa Mix

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Low Carb Christmas Recipes

All recipes are marked as such: Atkins Induction Friendly = IF Gluten Free = GF Sugar Free = SF Vegetarian = V Vegan = V+ Less than 5 net carbs per serving = -5 CHRISTMAS Old-Fashioned Egg Nog GF, SF, V … [Read more...]

Hundreds of Low Carb Recipes

Pictured: Cheesy Round Crackers Please bookmark the following link to keep up on the latest Your Lighter Side Recipes! Your Lighter Side Cookbook   … [Read more...]

From my harried house to yours…

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Old-Fashioned Egg Nog

Pictured: A shamrock drink, not unlike the 'nog. Egg nog isn't the reason for the season, but it is the delicious, chilled icing in the glass. … [Read more...]

Make a snowflake online (and other fun holiday diversions)

More fun than dandruff flakes.Mindless merry-making munching will get many a person into trouble.Here are some ways of keeping occupied and in the spirit of the holiday season(s)this December:1. Make a Flake. This website will keep you animated about … [Read more...]

What healthy foods can I send to the troops in Iraq?

They're in Iraq, and they're hungry.While it's safe to say the troops are also tired, weary and hard-working, they are also in need of healthy, quality foods in the form of shippable proteins, fats and antioxidants.1. Beef jerky. High in protein and … [Read more...]