A wedding cake made from cheese

Get out of my dreams. Crawl into my mouth. credit Picture this:Instead of, "The bride was wearing a Donna Versace gown with embroidered beading and a tulle train festooned with delicate floral accents," expect, "The groom lovingly sliced into the … [Read more...]

Meat Birthday Cake

Lucky! All I got was socks. My spork nerd girl buddy Michelle, of Domesticity Nouveau, shares this miraculous meat marvel,  complete with with roasted cauliflower and carrot frosting, white cheddar shreds, and heart shaped eggs. You're … [Read more...]

Back to Work

I had a week. I took naps. I made twice-baked low-carb yams. I completed some assignments. I sorted socks. Now I'm back working again--full-time. I received the message a week after I had allowed my contract to expire and am back working magic … [Read more...]

Don't Brush your Teeth with a Bowl of Frosted Flakes

How many times is the mantra on any way of eating to be prepared?Notice I admit willingly I dropped out of Girl Scouts at an early age, and preparation has been my way of life only rarely. I tend to fly by the seat of my extra big jumpers, but when … [Read more...]

More Oopsie Humor

Pictures: Top, from icanhascheeseburger.com; Next: the amazing PennInk shows us what oopsies can do for Monster Trucks; Third Picture: Jabba the Hut likes Oopsies; Last: Save, Me Luke! I fear an oopsie malfunction! The hilarious rendering is by … [Read more...]

May the Oopsies Be With You

Photoshopping done by the very talented XSugarBabe Long Ago In a Galaxy Far, Far Away... There was a blogger who came upon a fortuitous mistake in her kitchen. It was then that the oopsie was given form from nothingness, and permeates the … [Read more...]