Cast Iron Skillets: My Kitchen Must-Haves

Surprisingly nonstick, easy to clean, keep and a favorite prop in "Throw Mama from the Train" cast iron is my choice when it comes to cookware.I have at least 6 cast iron pots and pans. Do I need six?Does Brittney Spears need so many hair weaves? My … [Read more...]

Tools of the trade: The crock pot

Nothing is more delicious than coming home at the end of the day to a slow-cooked chowder, soup or stew. While in the past, this kind of quality meal came in the form of hours spent over a stove, bringing out flavors in dishes, now the same … [Read more...]

Tools of the trade: The pasta maker

Low-carb spaghetti. Linguine. Macaroni. Ravioli. The world is your oyster-laiden pasta when you have the time, space and werewithall for a pasta maker. Whether dough is rolled flat or made into walnut-sized balls and fed into a hopper, what … [Read more...]

Tools of the Trade: The Egg Mold

Egg molds come in many shapes, from bunnies to bears Tools of the Trade: The Egg MoldOriginally purchased for bento cooking, I acquired egg molds (I found mine through ebay) in order to make exciting shapes with hard boiled eggs. Making molded eggs … [Read more...]

Tools of the Trade: The Iced Tea Maker

After grudgingly giving up a 24-year addiction to Diet Coke, I felt a sincere lack of caffeinated beverage enjoyment. Enter: Mr. Coffee. No more the coffee maker of the 1980's, this new item is quick, easy to use, and has been worth the low $19.99 … [Read more...]

Tools of the Trade: Mini Wilton Cake Pans

This produces a 4.25" cake, slightly larger than a muffin top pan I found these small, non-stick baking (mini-cake pans) at Super-Target. You can also find them at Super-Walmart, Bed, Bath and Beyond, other home goods stores, Michaels, and Hobby … [Read more...]

Shave Your Ice

Wal-Mart is already carrying their ice shavers, even here in Colorado where we're expecting still expecting snow half of the time (heeeellloooooooo! Run outside and scoop the snowbanks for real snowcones. Mind the yellow stuff.) I bought an ice … [Read more...]