50 pounds down in 85 days (Day 87)

 I can't believe how fast time has flown by. On top of that, I can't believe I lost 50 pounds so easily in such short period of time with ketogenic eating. I have had a lot of questions about what I'm doing from you guys, so I'll try to quickly … [Read more...]

Weigh-In Day and Menu (Day 86)

Hello, hello! Are you busy prepping for Thanksgiving this week? I know I am working as fast as I can to clean places I normally don't clean (the house, not my arm pits) before company comes on Thursday. … [Read more...]

Weekend Menu and Events (Day 84-85)

Want a quick, funny story? As you can see in this image, I spent a lot of time putting together a cooking video on Friday... And then I forgot to push the "record" button on the camera. I didn't record a thing. That's how I roll. The bonus is I now … [Read more...]

My Hubby, His Flowers, and Things (Day 82)

Happy Friday everyone! Today I am moving furniture around so that we can move the treadmill desk into the office. I am also hoping maybe hubby will have some time in the next couple of weeks to finish the desk, so I can share pictures and the … [Read more...]

Invitation, Eats and Things (Day 83)

Happy Thursday! It's only a week until Thanksgiving. Are you planning ahead and thinking about what you will do the next week for Thanksgiving? … [Read more...]

My Freezer, Eats and Things (Day 80)

I took pictures of my freezer today for fun. What is in your freezer? I want to know if it's a weird as mine is. Mine is mainly full of meat (I like meat), fruit (for smoothies and dessert recipes when fruit is out of season), and nut flours (and … [Read more...]

Nov. 13 Menu and Events (Day 79)

Ooh de lally! It's terrific Tuesday, and I'm working at my treadmill desk as I type to you! … [Read more...]

Nov. 12 Menu and Events (Day 78)

Happy beginning of the week! So I hope you have had a good week last week and are ready to start tackling Thanksgiving? Our Canadian friends had their special day last month and now it's our turn! I wonder if they have any good advice for us … [Read more...]

Nov. 10-11 Menu and Events (Days 76-77)

It is so cold outside. Picture me, navigating the streets of Boulder, with my 16 year old driver behind the wheel, battling with her first inclement weather trip from the store. … [Read more...]

Nov. 9 Menu and Events (Day 75)

Ouch! Guess who the dummy is who spilled scalding water over all the fingers on her left hand? One guess! No, it is not the Queen. It is me! Thankfully, applying ice immediately and cold water stopped tissue damage and I'm right as rain again. Rain, … [Read more...]

Nov. 8 Menu and Events (Day 74)

Happy Friday (I almost said Wednesday). I hope you have all had a very good week so far! I am going to keep publishing these "Menu and Events" posts the day after each day, as I used to do so I can eat later and send out one, updated post per day … [Read more...]

Nov. 6-7 Menu and Events (Day 72-73)

Hello and Happy "No More Political Calls" Day! If you live in a political swing state, you, too, are doing the end zone dance of pure happiness. … [Read more...]

Nov. 5 Menu and Events (Day 71)

Happy Monday to you! How are you faring on this most amazing autumn afternoon? I am sending good thoughts to everyone affected by Hurricane Sandy and hope you're getting power, heat and light back to your homes. I hear how difficult it has been … [Read more...]

Oct. 24 Menu and Events (Day 59)

Hello hello! I hope you are all doing well on this wonderful Wednesday! I am doing so amazingly terrifically fabulously wonderfully well! I'm at my treadmill desk, deep in the heart of Broncos Country, writing to you this morning as the leaves swirl … [Read more...]

Oct. 23 Menu and Events (Day 58)

OK, so seriously. I am not going to make excuses over here for being a bum for the last week or so when it comes to updating my menus daily.  I was tired and cranky. … [Read more...]