Low Carb New Year’s Eve Recipes

Pictured: Crunchy Celeriac Chips All recipes are marked as such: Atkins Induction Friendly = IF Gluten Free = GF Sugar Free = SF Vegetarian = V Vegan = V+ Less than 5 net carbs per serving = -5   General Bacon Meatball Croquets … [Read more...]

Happy New Rear!

That's right. Happy New Rear. Why "rear" instead of year? Because all we care about is leaving our behind in the past come January 1. You can do that, too. Whether your goals are for happiness, a better job, to be loved, to have better fingernails, … [Read more...]

New Year's Eve: Eat responsibly

Looking for some easy, fun ways to enjoy New Year's without falling off of the wagon and swallowing the horse?Take the evening away from worry and indulge in these easy finger foods.1. Olive bar. Olives are an amazingly versatile food. They're stable … [Read more...]

My New Year's resolutions

Neighbor's high tech mower WikipediaResolutions are for people who either actually do what they say they'll do (overachievers) or are the *wink* *wink* *nod* unspoken 'see you next year... with the same resolution'. I'm the third kind. I make the … [Read more...]

Resolution 2009: Tom Petty wisdom

If there were unicorns, this would be even better. Are you Runnin Down a Dream in 2009? Or Did you have A Change of Heart? The truth is most people are Free Fallin' in the new year. While you're Learning to Fly, here is perhaps the most important … [Read more...]

Resolution 2009: What about Bob?

Insert 'Tourette's' moment here sourceDoing what's right for you isn't supposed to be all-inclusive in the first week of a New Year. Convention might have us believe we're supposed to do twelve things at once and be fit by February, right? Wrong. As … [Read more...]

Resolution 2009: Less is more

On the title: Ooh, how cliche, you say! How facile, you lament!How wise like an Einsteinian plate of win, I say. Put away the lulz and keep reading.We overload ourselves come January 1. Not only are we going to lose weight, but we're going to stop … [Read more...]

Resolution 2009: Get Smart

I already deconstructed your hopes and dreams of burying yourself in guilt and iniquity in the coming year as millions of people across America throw their collective hands up in the air and say (with mock emo-sighs), "Well, we tried!" After buying … [Read more...]

Resolution 2009: Ditch the Resolutions

Resolutions are for chumps and suckers.Yeah, they work for some people, but the vast majority use Resolutions as an excuse to continue bad behaviors from the year before (and to pick them up again in about 2 weeks from now).Instead of deluding … [Read more...]

2009 is lookin’ fine!

Remember those geektacular little slogans we had for our graduating years of high school? We're so good. We're so great! We're the class of '88! I think we like to apply that lingoliciousness to our mantras for the new year when we're sure we're … [Read more...]

New look. Light and fruity for 2009

With emphasis on the fruity. I'm not even sure if I like this look, but I wanted something new for the new year. I tried some of the layouts that push the text to the right and the links to the left, but since I read from right to left, I kept … [Read more...]

Happy New Rear!

Welcome to 2008! As usual, I'm behind in things. I thought I blogged just like a week ago, and it's already 2-3 weeks ago. This shows how incredibly lame I am. Painfully lame. But with good taste in footwear. I stepped on the scale on New Year's … [Read more...]