Sleep and Diabetes

Understanding The Connection Between Sleep And Diabetes One of the most serious health consequences that comes from disrupted, poor quality sleep is a significantly increased risk for diabetes. The relationship between sleep and diabetes is … [Read more...]

They Like Us!

A pretty sweet panel has placed Your Lighter Side in the Top 100 Mom Food Blogs on the internet. That's pretty huge if you consider the sheer number of millions of mom food bloggers out there. Needless to say, "Hot Daikon … [Read more...]

HuffPo Taste Feature

It's always so exciting to find out we've been featured on other websites. Most recently, HuffPo contacted me and asked if they could share a couple of my gluten-free Girl Scout Cookie recipes. Of course I said YES! (Note that not all the … [Read more...]

Freaking Aye. We made BuzzFeed

I totally legit crush on love BuzzFeed. If there was an Oprah for primo-now sites, this would be her, Steadman, Gayle, and all. … [Read more...]

Your Lighter Side Voted #1

The results are in! FriendsEAT announced to yours truly that Your Lighter Side has been chosen as... … [Read more...]

My buns are spreading across Denver

You knew I had big buns. Now the news is spreading--like my buns. Denver Post and Rocky Mountain News subscribers in this area have received, this week, a copy of an article referring to the low-carb buns I made by accident when I was cooking one … [Read more...]

Who is that bento blogger? Who? Me? No!

I've had something published locally with a picture! I have had other things published, but avoid getting the paper because I am generally embarrassed to see my picture in print next to something I've written. As a perfectionist I always know I could … [Read more...]

Well, Slap my low-carb Buttermilk Biscuits!

I just found out quite by accident (I'm not very technological, unless it has to do with shoes, and those don't usually blink 12:00) that I'm listed on a list. That's right! A list! Sir Jimmy Moore has come out with his annual 'Bazillion Blogs to … [Read more...]